Myoshinji Temple, Kyoto (妙心寺・京都)


Myoshinji Temple Complex Headquarter of Myoshinji school of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, founded in 1337, Kyoto.


In this area, there used to be a detached palace of 95th emperor Hanazono(1297-1348).


A ridge-end tile with a demon and a five-pointed star motifs.

This roof tile is placed in the north-eastern corner of one of the structures.

North-eastern corners or quarters of a building are considered to be unlucky in Japan as bad things could come from that direction.

The demon and the five-pointed star are usually used to ward off evil spirits.


Some other ridge-end tiles have a dragon motif.


It might be fun for you to find different designs in roof tiles when you visit a Buddhist temple with rich history like Myoshinji temple.