Eikando Zenrinji temple, Kyoto, Japan(永観堂禅林寺・京都)


One of the buildings 

Eikando Zenrinji temple in Kyoto was originally founded in the 9th century as the head temple of the Jodo Seizan Zenrinji sect of Buddhism.


Highlighs of Eikando Zenrinji temple

Here are some picutures from my visit to this temple in late October, 2018.

Kinunkyo-bridge and Hojo pond in late October

Autumn leaves with the Hojo pond (‘hojo’ means ‘releasing of living things’, in other words, ‘compassion’.)


Benzaiten-shrine and Kinunkyo-bridge

Torii gate leading to the small shrine on the islet on the pond.



Pagoda seen from the rest spot

Kyoto city view from the pagoda

Stairs leading to the pagoda

If you walk up the stairs shown in the above photo, you will be able to see the panoramic view of Kyoto city from the pagoda.



Yasuragi kannon post


Yasuragi Kannon

Yasuragi kannon:

‘Yasuragi’ means ‘peace of mind’, ‘Kannon’ means ‘Buddha(s)-to-be’ in Japanese.


This temple is also well known for :

This temple is also well know for its old Buddhist statues dating back to the Kamakura period(1185-1333), especially ‘Mikaeri Amida(Looking back Amida) is worth seeing.

Personally, paintings on sliding doors of the temple buildings are spectacular as many of them are original drawn between Momoyama period(late 16th century) and the Edo period(1603-1867).


Please note that photography is not allowed inside the buildings, so if you would like to actually see the Buddhist statues and the sliding door paintings, I recommend you visit Eikando Zenrinji temple.