Takachiho in Miyazaki prefecture, a town of Japanese mythology(神話の町、高千穂 宮崎県)


The town name ‘Takachiho‘ literally means ‘ Rice grains sprinkled from the sky‘ .

It comes from part of Japanese mythology, in which the grandson of Amaterasu(Amaterasu is one of the most important Japanese Shinto deities) sprinkled rice grains from the sky.

There are some other references in Japanese oldest historical book (called the Kojiki)  that are related to Takachiho town, thus dubbed as ‘ a town of Japanese mythology‘.


Recommended places to visit in Takachiho town:

1.Amano-Iwato shrine, meaning ‘the shrine of the rock door‘, dedicated to the sun goddess ‘Amaterasu‘. Amano-yasugawara-shrine (located nearby) is also a must-visit. (Please see the first picture in this article)

clear water on the way to Amano-yasu-gawara shrine


2.Takachiho shrine is probably the most venerated shrine by the local people. Sacred night dance is performed every night(as of 2018) by local people.

A couple tree at Takachiho shrine

Dance of Tajikarao


3.Takachiho gorge is well know for its massive columnar rocks surrounding the gorge. The formation is due to the lava flew from Mt. Aso.

Takachiho-gorge after a typhoon-water is cloudy

When the water is clear